Friday, February 28, 2014


So I am constantly listening to podcasts about games. I have an hour commute each way every day and I have a job that allows me to listen to my iPhone during work. On the sidebar I show what episodes I'm listening to and which number I'm currently on. These are just the podcasts that I'm currently listening to, there have been ones that I was caught up on at one point but haven't downloaded any new episodes. There's just so much to listen to. I listened to all of Cheated Fates Radio until M2E came out and haven't listened to new ones.

The Dice Tower - This is a variety show about board games and card games. The main things of it is a top 10 list every (other) week on a certain topic. There is also reviews, news, segments on a lot of different subjects. Lots of people talking about games they love.

I started listening to this podcast probably the middle of last year, in the current episode. I then decided to start at the beginning, which was episode 50 at the time. I wanted to see where the show started and how Eric ended up there. I really enjoy it and feel like I grew to like everyone in such a short time, where a lot of people have been with the same people for years. I liked Sam and Tom together. Some contributors I do fast forward through. For the most part I like hearing about the games they played back then. I always hear about something I want to try. I listen to the show at 1.5 speed so I can get through them faster. I want to be caught up soon so I can move onto something else though!

The Secret Cabal - This is a podcast with 4 friends. There is basically 4 segments each show, bantering, review, news, and RPG.

I found this podcast probably at the end of 2013 and I love it! It's my favorite out of the ones I listen to right now. I should just keep listening and catch up to the current episode, but I'm pacing between the others. I started this one at episode 1 without trying a current one first. I think that's what I'll do from now on. I like the segments and they seem to like the same games that I do... or ones I want to try. I don't know if the current episodes are different from the ones I'm on, but I hope they are the same. I have learned so much from them. I am involved in board games, miniatures, RPGs, and video games... so we have a lot in common.

The D6 Generation - This is another variety show. They talk about current games they play, interviews, reviews. This podcast seems a bit long to me, but it's hard for me to speed it up since Russ talks extra fast to begin with.

This is the first board game podcast that I started listening to. This is one I started at the current episode at the time and have since started over at episode 1. I like the achievements in gaming they do where they talk about the games they've played in the last 2 weeks. They seem to always be busy! I am out a lot, but I don't get nearly as much done as they do.

Critical Hit - I'm not sure how I found this podcast. I was looking for D&D or RPG podcasts to basically teach me how to play because I wanted to get into RPGs. This was perfect. This is a D&D 4 game where they started at character creation and then each episode we listen to them play in their world. I'm behind on this one by a couple of years, but it's not one that I need to catch up on anytime soon.

So there's a summary of what I listen to right now. There are many more that I would like to listen to, but there's so little time. Everyone seems to have a podcast now and I really want to add some Malifaux ones into my day.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


I honestly thought the Savage Worlds game I was involved with was over. We played a demo game back in October and talked about playing a regular game. The scene was set and characters created, we played our first game in November. It was going to be a once a month game because we are all busy with other things and other games. (Our GM hosts multiple games). December came and went, January came and went, and February something showed up on the schedule... hurray!

So in Savage Worlds I play Sammy, a photographer for the local paper and partner to the reporter. I'm an ex-thief trying to turn my life around. I'm also the driver for the group.

Our group has actually changed since the first game. But we have a reporter, private detective, pilot, US Marshal, a kid, ... I can't remember what else, but that doesn't matter because it's changing next time again.

Here's the story.. summed up.

We are called together in an airplane hangar and given a job by Janice. Janice is the daughter of a man who owns a large corporations, I think in pharmaceuticals. She believes that her father was involved in something with the occult. He has died, but she wants us to figure out what he's been involved with. Someone who can help us and is very knowledgeable in these matters has been taken to a psychiatric hospital, so we have to rescue him. So we fly from Chicagoland to where he and we rescue him. We have to sneak our way onto the hospital grounds and find him, because this hospital is heavily guarded. (something about Black Water, which I need to look into) We found out he was in an underground garage about to be transported to somewhere else. There is a doctor with him and a little boy. The little boy is about to be kidnapped so we rescue him too. We have a shoot out and make it out and back to the hanger alive. This was the end of the first session... many minor things happen but this is the jist of it.

We are now in the hangar with the crazy ex-detective who thinks he's Elvis. The kid is played by someone and no longer an NPC. Janice give us a copy of a letter that she found in her fathers possessions. She doesn't know who it's from, but it has clues to who we should talk to next. As we are deciding what to do next the Marshall gets a phone call from a friend that wants to meet with him. We hear a shriek / howl sound in the phone so think we better all go and pile into my SUV.

As we are heading to the meeting place someone notices us being followed. I turn around the block and the car is gone. We weren't being followed afterall. We get to the church where the meeting was to take place. I stay in the front by the SUV with the kid. The others went down the alley to the graveyard in the back. They found the friend back there on the ground barely alive. He murmured something and gave Mike a silver ring, then dies. Mobs come out of no where and start attacking. Meanwhile me and the kid are being nosy in the church. We spot a man breaking things up and go inside to investigate. We end up following him out the back door to the graveyard. Me and the kid fight him a little bit until the others get done dealing with mobs at they are fighting. They come and join us on this big man, who then turns into a werewolf! We were not doing any damage to it, so I go back to the SUV with the PI and wait for the others. They try and fight it for what feels like hours with no damage. 2 of our party ends up dying because they were stubborn and wouldn't leave. At one point one of them tries to get me out of my truck so he can run the thing over, but I refused. Anyway we fled the scene.

This is a good stopping point.... 2 of the party died. The kid goes insane a bit later and is sent to an asylum, I hope a different one than the one we found him at. :( So we will meet 3 new people next session.

I will take notes from now on at my games lol

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I was attempting to write out a synopsis of the sessions I participated in, but it was taking way way too long and the post is still sitting in my drafts. So I'm scratching that idea. The post was getting too long to read and would have probably been ignored anyway. I'll just tell you a bit about my character first and the party, then see what I want to include in my bi-weekly posts.

I'm on my 3rd session. The first I came in the middle of an adventure and I was basically trying to figure out what was going on. Keep in mind I haven't really looked at anything about this game. I know it's in Seattle (my hometown) in the future. I read the start rules on the Catalyst site,, so I had an idea of the character types.

Any reading suggestions outside of the rule books?

Our GM created my character for me, which is great because there is so much information that goes into it. I am Kanis, an Ork Street Samurai. I'm pretty much a walking sword, which is great for me. I'm playing the quiet deadly type. The year is 2050 and I live in Seattle. I'm a middle-class resident, but I'm not sure what area I live in. I pictured myself in Queen Anne modern time, but it seems that's an area for the very rich in 2050. I need to learn about the setting much more. I want to make sure I like the game before investing in the books.

Our group is rather large... 9 members. I don't know the terms for everyone's jobs either. We have
Troll spell caster type
Elf mage type
Elf computer type
Human gun slinger
a heavy artillery guy
and the other 3 I have no idea.

I'm going to end this post, seems incomplete, but I'm stuck on it. I am really liking this game so far though!

Monday, February 17, 2014


I'm a bit behind on this project. Month 0 ends today and I haven't made my first post yet, so here it is! If you are interested in learning about this blog post you can visit the Malifaux forums. HERE. Basically there are a group of bloggers who are starting a fresh crew and going to blog about it. There is a monthly budget to use to spend on models for the crew. We will post about the hobby, games, and purchases.

I'm picking The Latigo Posse for my TOMB crew.

Why? .... I really like to play bad ass chicks! I'm more into combat than spell casting. I play an all girl Vik crew (before there was one already boxed together) and I would play an all girl gunslinger crew if it was an option. But for now I'll purchase the Perdita box for $50 out of my initial $60.

I haven't read the crew skills and abilities yet. I played against Perdita a couple of times in 1.5. BUT I think I will really like her and I'm excited to get her painted.

I'll read up on the skills and post about it next time!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I really really want to like RPGs and I do when I think about what I want out of one. I never played a table top RPG before 2013 at Gen-Con. I went to the event where they pair you up with an RPG to play, seemed like independent writers... something like that. So I played 2 different ones and did enjoy it, they were short adventures.

I felt confident enough to play a regular game.. so I went out seeking a gaming group. I ended up playing a 13th Age adventure. 13th Age has been putting out 6 week adventures, I'm not sure of the correct terms. So I played the 2nd one out of the series. That was alot of fun and I learned even more about the RPG world. The downfall of that was that the adventure was set and it was going to end the same way no matter who was GMing. (I know because I did the same adventure at a different store for 1 week... we did the exact same things). I would love to play another 13th Age game in a campaign where it goes on and on. I liked the world and icons.

Next I tried a super hero game that used the Champion or Hero system rules... I'm not sure which one is correct. While I liked the group, I couldn't get into the story or game play. I came into a game that was going on long before I arrived, so I felt like an outsider. I couldn't find my place in the game even though I had a back story and should have just slipped in. I just never understood where the story was going or what we were doing. We seemed to do a lot of walking around town and interrogating people... sometimes a fight broke out, sometimes not. There were too many names for me to keep straight. I think I played this for 4 weeks before dropping it.

Our game store had an event to try out Savage Worlds... so we spent a Saturday afternoon doing 1 adventure. I liked that system. After the game we talked about having a regular game. So I'm technically in a Savage Worlds game, but we've only had 1 session so far, since November I think. It was going to be 1 time a month and it just hasn't happened. Our next game is scheduled for February 21st.

I also have done 1 Pathfinder Society adventure and a demo for Numenera, both I would play again. Right now I'm really just trying to find my game. I don't want to spend a ton of money on the different rule books. So far I haven't bought any books for any system.

I am involved in a ShadowRun 2050 game now.... I'll make a separate post just about that.

So what I'm really looking for in a game, is an open ended world. I want to live in the world and do role playing most of the time. I haven't got that feel yet, not even with the ShadowRun game I'm playing. I think it's really the way the GM runs the game if they are making it up on their own. If they are doing a pre-made adventure it's going to be hard to go off in a different way. I need to just keep looking and playing as many games as possible.


Hi everyone! For my board game nights I'll write about the games that I played and what I think about them. I usually get in 3-4 games in on Friday depending on how long I stay. This location is basically open to anyone so if you are in the Plainfield area and are interested in coming let me know and I'll get you in touch with the house owner. I've been coming to this group since October and have only missed a few weeks. I really like it because I get to try so many different games. I don't like a lot of them, but I'll try and play anything. Since we have so many choices we sometimes never play a game 2 times... but it has happened occasionally. My family doesn't play board games with me so I love having somewhere to go play.

I got 4 games in this night.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island - I loved this game! This is an adventure game. We played a 3 player game and lost... big time! But I didn't care, it was hard. This is a co-op game and you have a scenario goal that needs to be reached. I guess we were playing the first one, collect 15 wood and build a fire. You have to decide which actions to take, but you need food for each person each turn, so some actions need to go to that. I think we had 12 turns to win the game and we lost at like turn 7, when someone lost all their health. I can't wait to try and play it again now that I know more of what to expect.

Sentinels of the Multiverse - This one was ok. This is a co-op card game. Everyone plays a hero and have a deck of cards that are specific to your hero. You are battling a boss and the environment. I felt like my hero was weak and couldn't do any damage to the boss, but I think I was doing more damage than my other 2 team mates. We lost this game too. The boss kept bringing out cards that we had to damage before we could damage him, so we'd get some hits on him and then were set back. I'd like to play this again and see how it is.

Chicago Express - I don't like this one. I don't even know how to describe it. You buy train stocks and try and get that train line to make more money. The person with the most money at the end wins. There are 3 actions you can choose from on your turn, start an auction, expand your rail line, and develop a space. Everyone can buy the same color train stocks, at the auction action a stock is put up for auction and the winner gets that stock. On the expand action you place trains on different hex tiles trying to earn the most money and reach Chicago.. or where ever you pick. The develop action you place a house on some tile that your have a rail car in, some benefit happens, I can't remember what exactly. I have no interest in playing this again.

Lexio - I don't like these types of games, climbing or ladder. You have tiles and you need to be the first to get the tiles out of your hand. You can lay down a single tile and go around the board and each person needs to try and beat it. The person who wins the round gets to go first next time. So you can lay down singles, double, triples ... and everyone has to lay down the same to try and beat it. Or you can lay down ... poker type hands and try and beat that with other poker type hands. In this game you start with a pool of money. After every round you pay the other players the difference between your tiles and theirs. The winner has the most money at the end. I tied for the win in my game. I don't need to play this again.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Got a game of Malifaux in finally. Being a henchman I feel like I need to make sure everyone gets games before me... especially when running an achievement league.

We played a 50 ss game. I was playing with my Viktoria crew. I use 2 Viks, 3 Ronin, Taelor, Misdemeanor, and an Ice Golem. (I know the Ice Golem doesn't fit, but my opponent really wanted to try all his crew and I didn't have anything else). He played Mei Feng and the rail crew, plus the Rail Golem (?).

Strategy - Squatter's Rights
Scheme - Assassinate & Make them Suffer

We both picked the same schemes.

The game ended in a tie at 8-8. I got points for Squatters Rights x 3, Assassinate x 3, Make them Suffer x 2. He got points for Squatter's Rights x 4, Assassinate x 3, Make them Suffer x 1.

It was a long game at 50 ss, so if you are playing at your game store and don't want to be all night, stick with the 35 ss range.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I'm just going to make a brief. You'll learn about me as I post so I can't spill it all here in the first one.

I'm here to share the love of my hobby... which ever I'm doing at the time. I'm a gamer and have really always been, but now I'm trying much more things than just video games. I work and play and that's about it. My kids are growing up, youngest is 13... so they don't take much supervising anymore. If they want to come with me out gaming they do. My youngest is playing Malifaux with me, while my oldest has come to my board game nights occasionally.

My husband is just a video gamer... he won't really play anything else with me. The only board game I've been able to get him to play this year is Nightfall, and that was only a few times. It's ok though I have a great community and friends. I have scheduled game nights 3-4 times a week. There's just so much to play! I would go out every night, but that's a bit too much.

The goal of my blog is to just share my thoughts about my games. I'm not a great gamer lol meaning I hardly EVER win a game and usually end up in last place. I like to try things on my own and work it out by actually playing games. I never read up on strategies. Winning is not the goal for me. I'm all about the experience. I do try though, it's not like I sit there and not think about it, but I'm just starting out and I am getting better.

I'm also trying to improve my writing skills during the course of this blog.. so hopefully you'll notice improvement.