Thursday, February 27, 2014


I honestly thought the Savage Worlds game I was involved with was over. We played a demo game back in October and talked about playing a regular game. The scene was set and characters created, we played our first game in November. It was going to be a once a month game because we are all busy with other things and other games. (Our GM hosts multiple games). December came and went, January came and went, and February something showed up on the schedule... hurray!

So in Savage Worlds I play Sammy, a photographer for the local paper and partner to the reporter. I'm an ex-thief trying to turn my life around. I'm also the driver for the group.

Our group has actually changed since the first game. But we have a reporter, private detective, pilot, US Marshal, a kid, ... I can't remember what else, but that doesn't matter because it's changing next time again.

Here's the story.. summed up.

We are called together in an airplane hangar and given a job by Janice. Janice is the daughter of a man who owns a large corporations, I think in pharmaceuticals. She believes that her father was involved in something with the occult. He has died, but she wants us to figure out what he's been involved with. Someone who can help us and is very knowledgeable in these matters has been taken to a psychiatric hospital, so we have to rescue him. So we fly from Chicagoland to where he and we rescue him. We have to sneak our way onto the hospital grounds and find him, because this hospital is heavily guarded. (something about Black Water, which I need to look into) We found out he was in an underground garage about to be transported to somewhere else. There is a doctor with him and a little boy. The little boy is about to be kidnapped so we rescue him too. We have a shoot out and make it out and back to the hanger alive. This was the end of the first session... many minor things happen but this is the jist of it.

We are now in the hangar with the crazy ex-detective who thinks he's Elvis. The kid is played by someone and no longer an NPC. Janice give us a copy of a letter that she found in her fathers possessions. She doesn't know who it's from, but it has clues to who we should talk to next. As we are deciding what to do next the Marshall gets a phone call from a friend that wants to meet with him. We hear a shriek / howl sound in the phone so think we better all go and pile into my SUV.

As we are heading to the meeting place someone notices us being followed. I turn around the block and the car is gone. We weren't being followed afterall. We get to the church where the meeting was to take place. I stay in the front by the SUV with the kid. The others went down the alley to the graveyard in the back. They found the friend back there on the ground barely alive. He murmured something and gave Mike a silver ring, then dies. Mobs come out of no where and start attacking. Meanwhile me and the kid are being nosy in the church. We spot a man breaking things up and go inside to investigate. We end up following him out the back door to the graveyard. Me and the kid fight him a little bit until the others get done dealing with mobs at they are fighting. They come and join us on this big man, who then turns into a werewolf! We were not doing any damage to it, so I go back to the SUV with the PI and wait for the others. They try and fight it for what feels like hours with no damage. 2 of our party ends up dying because they were stubborn and wouldn't leave. At one point one of them tries to get me out of my truck so he can run the thing over, but I refused. Anyway we fled the scene.

This is a good stopping point.... 2 of the party died. The kid goes insane a bit later and is sent to an asylum, I hope a different one than the one we found him at. :( So we will meet 3 new people next session.

I will take notes from now on at my games lol

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