Monday, March 3, 2014

BOARD GAME NIGHT - 2/28/2014

I got to my board game night a little late on Friday, about 7:30. The group was already involved in a game called Byzantium. I'm really not interested in these types of games, but I'll play anything with my game group. I watched them play for a bit, moving pieces, taking over cities, battling each other... I was confused! But there was some sort of dispute and then the end game trigger was pulled and the game was over. No one seemed to enjoy themselves and I'm not sure if it was with the game or the atmosphere.

I played in the next game... Might & Magic Heroes. I thought this was a great game! Well up until another dispute happened. Towards the end game people can take over areas that other people conquered already and basically take the points away from them and give them to yourself. This didn't go over well with our host who spent all game killing monsters to clear those areas only to have them taken away from someone who spent most of the game building troops and his castle. If you have played the video game you know what I mean by taking over areas. I can see the point and next time I play I will sit back and build more over exploring more... but just so I can safely kill the monsters around me. I wasn't doing very good at all. But I was having a really good time and it felt a lot like playing it on the PC... which I now what to make sure I re-install.

The 3rd game played was The Builders: Middle Ages. I really liked this little fast card game! You have buildings where you need to assign workers to... in order to complete construction on them. First person to 17 points ends the game and then you add up your VP and the highest wins. I would definitely buy this one. I think the owner said he paid $18 and I think it's worth that.

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