Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I have been so busy! I haven't finished a post in a long time. I have a bunch started and more in my head, but taking the time to get it in print is harder than I thought. Maybe my gaming schedule is just too full! lol

So I caught up on all 61 episodes of The Secret Cabal. It is a great well rounded Podcast. My only complaint is that I feel Jamie talks too much and over takes every conversation. NOW maybe he needs to to keep the conversation moving and add content, but I wish the others would step up and put in their fair amount. Yesterday I went to "like" the Facebook page and see that Jamie is the majority poster there too. Come on guys!!! There are 5 of you.

I'm going to try and add my own thoughts after the new episodes. I'm to a point now where I can say... "Yes I've played that game too!".

I started listening to This Board Game Life yesterday. The reason mostly is because Rob is in one of gaming groups and I want to support him. After 5 episodes, (which were 2 years ago) I do hope that it gets better! They have the same issue with an unbalanced amount of talking. Jeff talks 90% of the time. I want to hear a conversation about gaming, not someone monologuing with an interjection of an answer to a question here or there. In Episode 5 Jeff asked Rob what he thought of something, Rob answered and mentioned 1 thing, then Jeff took that topic and ran with it without letting Rob finish. It's annoying.

I might jump to some more recent episodes to see how it's different. I'm not sure I want to listen to 2 years if it's the same.

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