Thursday, March 6, 2014


I've been collecting Hirst Arts molds since the end of last year. I now have 7 I think. I'm working on the space theme project that is posted at the Hirst Arts site. Starship Basic Interiors. I haven't got very far since it takes so long to make the casts. I do do at least 3 rounds of casts per week.

So I have a lot of extra pieces to have ready for when I need to make something. I do seem to run out of the floor squares that I need so I try and make extra extra amounts of those. Here's the floors that I've finished so far.

I'm more happy with the floors that I added the blue ink to. The other floors I was trying to follow the instructions on the Hirst site using shoe polish, but I didn't read it right... so they are splotchy! I'm repainting those now to make them now I like.

I am making some walls too that will look like the outside of the space ship. I think I'm going to add some velcro so that the walls can be attached / detached depending on the way I want to set the floor pattern. Here's how that is looking, but not sure on the paint job for that yet either.

I only have a couple of interior pieces done so far. I need to get on the ball and get some more done.

My main colors for this particular terrain are gray, silver metal, and blue. The beauty of being able to cast my own pieces is that I can then turn around and make another set in a different theme and color scheme. I am thinking of doing like a rusted out ship next time using the Secret Weapon pigments. But I need to finish this one first. I'll post more updates as I get further along. If you look at the project site you can see I have a long way to go! I still need a lot more molds. I check ebay constantly for them, but they don't come up very often.

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