Saturday, August 8, 2015


Seriously been neglecting this blog! I don't want to though so I'll jump right back in and see what happens. I'm still gaming tons, 2-3 times a week, sometimes more. So that means less time to write like I wanted to.

Somethings I've been involved in...

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game We finished the game all the way through. Now we started the new organized play with Skulls & Shackles. 

Savage Worlds - Deadlands 
The previous Savage Worlds game was scratched and we've been playing a Deadlands setting.

I don't know the game system we are using, but the theme is Super Heroes.

I'm involved in the online game that Brian from The Secret Cabal is running.

DnD 5th 
Started that game 2 weeks ago, tomorrow will be our second meeting.

Played a bit of Malifaux.  Painted a little bit.

Started playing Archeage.  Since MMOs are basically the only games my husband will play with me, I play that in between my busy game schedule.

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